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This 15' Series 500 pyramid skylight is just one of the many skylights installed during the renovation of the Pensacola Grand Hotel.  While this job predates the missile impact code requirements it and all the others performed perfectly. During Hurricane Ivans direct CAT 5 hit on Pensacola, a 10 lb chunk of concrete soffit was torn loose and fell 13 floors, landing on a corner light of glass.  While the outboard light was broken and the inboard light was dented there was no penetration of the interlayer and no leaks. Much of the curtainwall glass in this 15 story hotel was broken out and fell onto the other larger skylights with only 2 other broken lights and no penetrations of the skylights. John. the hotel maintenance supervisor spent the night in the hotel and later said it was a terrifying experience to watch parts of the curtainwall deflect as much as 8" leaving a permanent set of about 3".  During our follow-up inspection he told us that under our skylights were the only dry places in the hotel.
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