The skylight project at the Barbados Hilton Hotel was completed on time and to the satisfaction of both the clients and ourselves and at a reasonable price. Since that project Gammans has been ... read more
What's Our Edge? Hurricane Testing Products and Systems
It's Our Flexibility
The fact that we can design and fabricate almost any skylight.

It's Our Experience
With over 30 years designing, fabricating, and installing skylights all over the world. We have furnished skylights in almost every state in the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. In addition, we have provided our products and services in many foreign countries including The Republic of the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Bermuda, The Netherlands Antilles, Barbados, St. Vincent, The British Virgin Islands, The Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix, Tunisia, and Russia.

It's Our Superior Product
Designed to be easy to install. Proven to perform not just in the ... read more
For over 30 years our skylights have been tested by the most severe hurricanes and proven to stand up to winds in excess of 225 mph. Our extensive work throughout the hurricane prone areas of the Caribbean and typhoon areas of Japan and the Philippines have proven our skylight systems performance for decades prior to impact testing requirements.

Atrium Resort
Our ridge skylight held up well to Hurricanes Luis and Lenny, both extreme hurricanes with winds in excess of 225 miles per hour.

We have subjected a wide variety of our skylight products and configurations to the Hurricane Test
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TRU-ARC Barrel Vault
framing system provides a true curved sightline rather than a segmented vault. Tru-Arc Skylights utilize an innovative hybrid system that frame with the cost effectiveness and quality of flat glass.

No splices in the direction of the slope mean an un-penetrated, un-jointed guttering system for positive control of condensation and weepage. In order to keep the smooth graceful arcs of curved frames architects have been forced to choose between budget breaking custom bent glass or inferior plastic glazing with its higher maintenance and 7-12 year lifespan.

This system provides a smooth joint free sightline with a unique
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